We endeavour to make it easy for people to keep up to date with our project news on this blog, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, Instagram account and even the occasional YouTube video. For those of you interested in finding out more about our research or downloading some of our outputs, check out the information below.

Academic articles

Grey, Julia N. Chase, Sandra Bell, and Russell A. Hill. (2017) Leopard diets and landowner perceptions of human wildlife conflict in the Soutpansberg Mountains, South Africa. Journal for Nature Conservation 37: 56-65. PDF

Pitman, R.T, Fattebert, J., Williams, S.T., Williams, K.S, Hill, R.A, Hunter, L.T.B, Slotow, R. and Balme, G.A (2016) The Conservation Costs of Game Ranching. Conservation Letters, 9, (3). Abstract. PDF

Pitman, R.T., Fattebert, J., Williams, S.T., Williams, K.S., Hill, R.A., Hunter, L.T., Robinson, H., Power, J., Swanepoel, L., Slotow, R. and Balme, G.A., 2016. Cats, connectivity and conservation: incorporating datasets and integrating scales for wildlife management. Journal of Applied EcologyPDF

Howlett, C. and Hill, R.A., 2016. Can zoo enclosures inform exclosure design for crop‐raiding primates? A preliminary assessment. African Journal of EcologyPDF

Nowak, K., Richards, S.A., le Roux, A. and Hill, R.A. (2016) Influence of live-capture on risk perceptions of habituated samango monkeys. Journal of Mammalogy,gyw083. AbstractPDF

Swanepoel, L.H., Balme, G., Williams, S.T. and Child, M.F. (2016) A conservation assessment of Panthera pardus. In book: The Red List of Mammals of South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, Publisher: South African National Biodiversity Institute and Endangered Wildlife Trust, Editors: Child, M.F., Roxburgh, L., Do Linh San, E., Raimondo, D., Davies-Mostert, H.T., pp.1-13. PDF.

Williams, S.T., Williams, K.S., Joubert, C.J. and Hill, R.A. (2016) The impact of land reform on the status of large carnivores in Zimbabwe. PeerJ 4, e1537. DOI 10.7717/peerj.1537. HTML. PDFSupplementary information.

Nowak, K., Hill, R.A., Wimberger, K. and le Roux, A. (2016) Risk-Taking in Samango Monkeys in Relation to Humans at Two Sites in South Africa. In Ethnoprimatology (pp. 301-314). Springer International Publishing. Abstract

Constant, N., Bell, S. and Hill, R.A. (2015) The impacts, characterisation and management of human–leopard conflict in a multi-use land system in South Africa. Biodiversity Conservation, 1-23. Abstract and PDF.

Coleman, B.T. & Hill, R.A. (2015) Biogeographic variation in the diet and behaviour of Cercopithecus mitis. Folia Primatologica 85: 319-334. Abstract. PDF.

Howlett, C., Setchell, J.M., Hill, R.A. & Barton, R.A. (2015) The 2D:4D ratio and social behaviour in wild female chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) in relation to dominance, aggression, affiliation, interest in infants and heritability. Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology 69: 61–74. Abstract. PDF.

Nowak, K., le Roux, A., Richards, S.A., Scheijen, C. & Hill, R.A. (2014) Human observers modulate arboreal monkeys’ perceived landscape of fear. Behavioral Ecology 25 (5): 11991204. Abstract. PDF. Supplementary information PDF.

Coleman, B.T. & Hill, R.A. (2014) Living in a landscape of fear: the impact of predation, resource availability and habitat structure on primate range use. Animal Behaviour 88: 165-173. AbstractPDF.

Chase Grey, J.N., Kent, V.T. & Hill, R.A. (2013). Evidence of a high density population of harvested leopards in a montane environment. PLOS ONE 8(12): e82832. AbstractPDF.

Willems, E.P. & Hill, R.A. (2009) A critical assessment of two species distribution models taking vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) as a case study. Journal of Biogeography 36: 2300-2312. AbstractPDF.

Willems, E.P., Barton, R.A. & Hill, R.A. (2009) Remotely sensed productivity, home range selection and local range use by an omnivorous primate. Behavioral Ecology, 20: 985-992. AbstractPDF.

Willems, E.P. & Hill, R.A. (2009) Predator-specific landscapes of fear and resource distribution: effects on spatial range use. Ecology, 90: 546-555. AbstractPDF.

PhD theses:

Williams, K.S. (in prep) Human-brown hyaena relationships and the role of mountainous environments as refuges in a post-colonial landscape. Durham University.

Findlay, L. (in prep) Human-primate conflict in the Soutpansberg Mountains, South Africa. Durham University.

Tomlin, P. (in prep) The ontogeny of sociality and referential communication in non-human primates. Durham University.

Constant, N.L. (2014) A socio-ecological approach towards understanding con􏰀ict between leopards (Panthera pardus) and humans in South Africa: Implications for leopard conservation. Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

Coleman, B.T. (2013) Spatial and temporal determinants of samango monkey (Cercopithecus mitis erythrarchus) resource acquisition and predation avoidance behaviour. Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

De Raad, A.L. (2012) Travel routes and spatial abilities in wild chacma baboons (Papio ursinus). Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

Chase Grey, J.N. (2011) Leopard population dynamics, trophy hunting and conservation in the Soutpansberg Mountains, South Africa. Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

Williams, S.T. (2011) The impact of land reform in Zimbabwe on the conservation of cheetahs and other large carnivores. Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

Willems, E.P. (2007) From space to species: integrating remotely sensed information on primary productivity into investigations and systems models of vervet monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) socio-ecology. Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

Masters theses:

Lake, E. (in prep) Assessing the landscape of fear for rock hyrax (Procavia capensis) and yellow-spotted hyrax (Heterohyrax brucei). Durham University.

Fitzgerald, L. (in prep) Occupancy, scat and activity pattern analysis as an aid to understanding conservation of leopards in the Soutpansberg mountains. Durham University.

Howlett, C. (2012) The 2D:4D ratio & social behaviour in female chacma baboons: Dominance, Aggression, A􏰁liation & Interest in infants. Durham University. Abstract. PDF.

Sassoon, R. (2013) Foraging under Predation Risk: A test of giving-up densities with samango monkeys in South Africa. Durham University. Abstract.

King, J. (2013) The role of chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) in seed dispersal and viability. Durham University.

PPP Annual Reports

PPP Annual Report 2017

PPP Annual Report 2016

PPP Annual Report 2015

PPP Annual Report 2014

PPP Annual Report 2013

PPP Annual Report 2012 


Williams, K.S. (2014) Hyena time. Primate and Predator Project, Louis Trichardt.

Newspaper & Magazine articles

Williams, S. (2017) Counting cats. Biosphere. PDF.

Williams, S. (2016) Carnivores in decline due to land reform. Africa Geographic. URL.

Venter, I. (2016) Ghostly creatures and creepy crawlies not that scary any more. Zoutpansberger, 12 February 2016. URL.

Williams, S. (2016) Land reform disastrous for wildlife. 9 February 2016. URL.

Venter, I. (2015) Land owners can assist in research about damage caused by problem animals. Zoutpansberger, p. 20. 23 October 2015. URL.

Venter, I. (2015) Philip wil boere help om probleemdiere te beheer. Zoutpansberger, 9 October 2015. URL.

Zoutpansberger (2015) Local research to help manage trophy hunting. Zoutpansberger, 13 February 2015. URL. PDF scan.

van Zyl (2014) Help needed to recover missing hyena collar. Zoutpansberger, 06 June 2014. URL.

Venter, I. (2014) Nature Night highlights research and conservation in mountains. Limpopo Mirror, 07 March 2014. URL.

Zoutpansberger (2014) Primate and predator project receives grant. Zoutpansberger, 22 July 2013. URL.

van Zyl (2013) High mortality rate of leopards disturbing. Zoutpansberger, 19 April 2013. URL.

van Zyl (2013) Help needed in tracking region’s brown hyenas. Zoutpansberger, 18 April 2013. URL.

Greater Mapungubwe Network articles

Williams, K. (2014) It’s about time for a children’s book about hyenas! Greater Mapungubwe Network 8: 8-9. URL.

Uitvlugt, J. (2014) Bainbridge Island (USA) students learning through research in South Africa. Greater Mapungubwe Network 8: 4-5. URL.

Williams, S. (2014) Counting cats: estimating leopard population density using camera traps. Greater Mapungubwe Network 7: 4-6. URL.

Williams, K. (2014) Searching for the elusive brown hyena. Greater Mapungubwe Network 7: 2-4. URL.

Williams, S. & Williams, K. (2013) Lajuma Research Centre. Greater Mapungubwe Network April 2013: 5-6. URL.

Coverage in other media

Our predator work was featured by 5050 on SABC 3 on the 28th of December 2014. View on YouTube.

Our primate work was covered by 5050 on SABC 3 on the 18th of January 2015. View on YouTube.

Coverage of Nowak et al. (in press) was featured at the Independant, I Fucking Love Science, Scientific American and Mongabay in 2014.

Other sources

We are collaborating with the Limpopo Leopard Project, assisting them to develop an adaptive management framework for managing leopards in Limpopo province. You can download their annual reports here.

Note: It appears that some ISPs in South Africa block access to some of the links provided. Please contact us if you are having any problems.


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