It must be baby season…

We have recently been coming across many new recruits to Lajuma Native Reserve and the surrounding farms on our camera traps. Here is a photo blog of some of our little furry friends that I am sure everyone will enjoy…

img_0297We recently had a new cub join our leopard population. You can just about see the cub following behind its mother, Rowena. We’ll post you more pictures as we get them.

img_0322This flock of guinea fowl have a lot of young to take care of!

img_1150Young bushpig are certainly much cuter than their parents!

img_1122Whilst young impala are a spitting image of their mother.

img_1135These little warthog-lets have no worries as long as they are following behind their mother.

img_0058Infant chacma baboons often play with their older siblings, but staying close to mum just in case!

img_1905This is a baby bushbuck.

honey-badgerAnd of course you will remember this little fur ball that we captured on camera back in October – honey badger.


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