Thank you braai 2014

We are extremely grateful to a number of local landowners and veterinarians for supporting our project. Thanks to these people we are currently conducting research over almost 10,000 km2 and in the last year we collared four brown hyaenas, four leopards and five baboons.

On an annual basis we like to show our appreciation by inviting our neighbours to a braai at Lajuma’s Wilderness Camp. This year we had fantastic weather and a great turn out.

DSC_0742All the Primate and Predator Project Research Assistants worked very hard to prepare all the food. Katy’s potato salad recipe came out a bit soupy and may not have matched Kyle’s, but it was still enjoyed by all!


DSC_0755We had neighbours from 10 different properties attend the braai. Everyone enjoyed meeting each other and mingling.



DSC_0723We even had one neighbour arrive by helicopter!

DSC_0694Our youngest attendee, 1-year-old Caiden from neighbouring property, Sigurwana, had a great time too.

DSC_0732DSC_0748The highlight of the afternoon was the premier of a film (embedded below) especially prepared by the Research Assistants, which showcased some of the PPP work. A special thanks needs to go to Shannon Finnegan for all her hard work putting this together.

DSC_0701Thank you so much to all the local people who support our project and we hope to see you again next year.

DSC_0762– Photos by Rebecca B


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