Baby time

It is already June, and winter is definitely here, with cold evenings and nights and chilled days. Summer is definitely gone and it is time now to introduce you all the cute babies of the last and hot summer’s s camera traps. The most fortunate assistants may have seen the baby warthogs running after their mom, following her tail through the tall grass. With the funny baby baboons, they were maybe the only babies that we could have seen when hiking.


IMG_0050IMG_0347 (2)IMG_0196 (2)

For the other babies we had the chance to see them on the camera trap pictures. This year we were very lucky! We had the chance to discover a mommy honey badger carrying her baby in her mouth.


On the same camera traps we also witnessed a baby African Civet.


The antelopes were also productive this year. We had some baby bushbuck, greater kudu, common duiker, sable and waterbuck !!



Finally we have the best baby of the year, Bonnie’s cub, a baby leopard that we called Siggi.


Blog by Marion, Primate and Predator Project Research Assistant.


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