Caracal explores our covered GUDs basins at night!

In the second week of our GUDs experiments, we set up three camera traps to supplement our observations. We decided to leave them running overnight in the case e.g., a leopard was in the GUDs area. Last week, we were surprised by the visit of an unexpected mammal at the GUDs basins in the range of the samango monkey troop known as “House” – a caracal! He/she came to explore the GUDs basins in the evening at 18.20, a little over half an hour after Kate had left the GUDs area following peanut counting/sieving for the day. Even though we put our basins in bin bags to protect them from rain and curious animals like bushpigs and bushbabies, we are still curious ourselves what animals come to the GUDs trees during the night. Our camera-trap captured an extraordinary video of the inquisitive caracal – see our CT video to watch him/her. Do you think that the leap is the caracal catching a bat? Thanks for reading! Ciska & Kate


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