we got to see see BB!

In October 2011 we first sighted BB on our cameras. He was about 6 months old and was walking with his mother, CC.

BB right flank

Since then BB has got quite a bit bigger!!! At the end of October last year we recorded him on a bushbuck kill.


We opened predator traps on June 10th for what we anticipated to be a ten day trapping period. Here is Noeks baiting a trap site with cow lungs. In case you ever wondered about what the innards of a cow are like, here’s a pic!


We didn’t catch on the first night. On the afternoon of the 11th Katy went out with Adrian, the vet, to open traps. Adrian had brought some leopard faeces and urine from a captive male at Pretoria Zoo. He spread this around the trap sites.


It must have done the trick because the next morning Marion and Trevor found BB caught in the trap Adrian is baiting above. BB was sedated, collared and we collected morphological and genetic data from him. The processing went very well and he was released fine the same morning.




The evening after the capture Gregoire and Katy went out on the quad bike and downloaded data from BB’s collar so we could check he was moving okay. He was photographed on one of the camera trap stations the morning of his collaring running past.


So BB seems to be doing well with his new necklace. The predator traps have closed now until we receive the next shipment of leopard and hyaena collars. Next month we will work with Adrian again to try and capture some more predators but we will also be trying to catch samango monkeys for eartagging and baboons for collaring.


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