For a week in the beginning of April award-winning wildlife photographer Benny Rebel was at Lajuma Research Centre to promote the Primate and Predator Project. Benny and his assistant, Teresa, took a number of beautiful photographs of the Primate and Predator Project assistants in action, our study animals and the landscape. Benny generously gave his time to do this work in the hopes that the images will be useful to promote the project further.


Katy and Benny at Wilderness Camp

Benny also helped give the project a publicity boost by sharing stories of his week at Lajuma on his blog and through his numerous social media networks. Benny’s website is here and it can be viewed in English. Through his blog and his facebook group he shared information and photos of  Lajuma.

We really appreciate Benny and Teresa’s contribution to the project and their devotion to wildlife and conservation. Here are some of the wonderful photos they took for us…

Samango monkeys




Research assistants in action





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