Hi everyone. It’s 8 days till the SciFund Challenge project to raise money towards our brown hyaena research ends. So far I have raised an incredible $1,785 and I’m 72% of the way towards my goal!! The money raised will be used to support a research assistant who will help with data collection. I am hoping to give this opportunity to a South African with a passion for conservation and I have started looking at the best avenues to find the right person. If anyone would like to find out more or to contribute click here.

I want to offer a massive thanks to the following people who have contributed so far:   

Sam Williams – Kathy Phillips – Karen Talaski – Jacqui Kirk – Pam Patek – Kristen Kenedy – The Hyaena Gallery – Jack Standish – Sally Swift – Mikita Brottman – Peter Cock – Sharelle Howard – Kristen Devaney and Rob Paquin – Norm and Maureen McManus Powers

Best Wishes,

Katy Williams

Field Team Leader and PhD candidate

hyaena and leopard party


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