Tis the season to…have babies

Its that time of year again. Time to stuff yourself silly and spend time with your family. And it’s no different for samango monkeys. The rains have come so food is plentiful, making it the perfect time to pop out a sprog. Each year between September and April samango monkeys give birth, and here at Lajuma we are starting to see quite a few new recruits. One of our research assistants, Christoph, managed to capture on video a baby samango taking its first steps.





In contrast, baboons do not have a distinct breeding season, but we are seeing plenty of new baboons around too for Pete and his intrepid team of baboon botherers to get to know.



Mum, what the hell is that weird-looking primate?


Milk: no one makes it like your mum.


Every one likes to have a go with the new baby. Whether the the mother or baby like it or not. Hint: try not to pull the legs off.


The slightly older baboons love playing on my tarpaulin. Its like a baboon bouncy castle.


That you can bite.


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