If you build it, they will come

We have posted before about our leopard collaring efforts. While this is providing interesting data in itself, we also want to collar some baboons so that we can gain a better understanding of predator-prey relationships. We recently took delivery of baboon collars, but we still needed some traps. You cant just go down to pick n pay and buy a few baboon traps, and since pete’s research assistant Brittany is a licenced welder, we decided to make them ourselves.


The first step was desiging the traps. Brittany’s mad skills also came in very handy at this stage, and she drew us up a design in Google Sketchup.


Baboon Trapping with crush


Then it was onto the cutting and welding. We had to hire a petrol welder as the hydroelectric and generator power at Lajuma isnt strong enough to power the necessary machinery.




After a few weeks, and the odd burn and electrocution later, we now have an arsenal of 6 baboon traps ready to roll when we get a vet on site in January. Those baboons had better watch out! Big thanks to Brittany for putting in so much work and everyone else that helped out.




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