Who Killed Bambi?

While Marion was tagging photos from the most recent camera check, she saw something she hadn’t seen in the traps before- a tiny bushbuck! The people at the desk around her all commented on the cuteness of the little ‘’Bambi.’’


When she clicked onto the next picture, we were a bit concerned to see that it was a leopard. Of course, we all were thinking that was bad news for the young bushbuck, and the next picture confirmed it. Just two minutes after the bushbuck passed the cameras, the leopard had already made its kill and come back with the prey in its mouth. After checking her spots, we identified the culprit as Cotton, one of our resident female leopards.


This series of pictures was taken just after noon, when leopard activity is usually very low. Cotton may not have been actively hunting, but this was a meal that was too easy to pass up.


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