The good old beeb

Awhile ago I posted on the project Facebook group that we had entered the BBC 2012 Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition. However, to keep your interest piqued, I said I would not share the photos on the blog until the deadline for submission had passed.

Well my dear readers, the time to unveil the 12 photos we selected is now…

Animal behaviour, Katy Standish, A mothering baboonAnimal behaviour, Katy Standish, Brown hyaena chasing a porcupineAnimal behaviour, Katy Standish, Leopard scratching a treeAnimal behaviour, Katy Standish, Vigilant baboonsAnimal behaviour, Katy Standish, Leopard sexAnimal behaviour, Katy Standish, Porcupine sexAnimal portraits, Katy Standish, Curious female leopardAnimal portraits, Katy Standish, Female leopard with big eyesAnimal portraits, Katy Standish, Kudu at the waterholeAnimal portraits, Katy Standish, Leopard cub saying helloAnimal portraits, Katy Standish, Wise old baboonNew discoveries, Katy Standish, First African wild cat photo in the Soutpansberg Mountains, SA

We will be notified in October 2012 if we have won any prizes. The winners will be published in the December 2012 issue of BBC Wildlife (on sale 21 November 2012) and online so fingers crossed you will see one of these pics in print soon.


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