Eco-schools Visits Lajuma

The Earthwatch project run by the Primate and Predator Project has been working with Eco-schools for over a year. We visit local schools and teach young South Africans about the value of nature. However sometimes we have an Earthwatch group at Lajuma when the local schools are on holiday. This June and July we decided that school holidays were not going to stop us from engaging young people with the environment. We hosted two special days where school children were brought up to Lajuma Research Centre for activity days with our Earthwatch teams. They played games, took an eco-walk and learned about the different countries represented by our volunteers. Many of the local children had never travelled far beyond their village nor had they seen much wildlife so this day was extremely meaningful for them.

In June teenagers and teachers from Geelong Grammar School, near Melbourne, Australia comprised our Earthwatch group. The photos are from their day working with South African children. Photos were taken by Claire Gibson.   


The Australian school group brought extremely generous donations of stationary and other school supplies for the schools involved in the Eco-schools programme.


Going on an eco-walk with Judy and learning about mountain ecosystems.



Becoming aware of natural materials by looking for colours in the forest.


We used other senses to experience the environment by being blindfolded and ‘meeting a tree’. We also had a traditional lunch of pap and chicken at Wilderness Camp.


The children shared their experiences through an exhibition of natural art.


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