What’s next? Walruses?

This month has been full of surprises. We were just getting over the buzz of finding wild dogs on our cameras when we found a cheetah! Our camera trap grid covers several properties and these photos of a lone male cheetah were taken on a property just north of Lajuma.

It’s extremely unusual and unprecedented to see cheetah in these parts. They normally prefer open grassland and savanna woodland areas and not often associated with mountainous environments. Cheetahs are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN and it is a pleasure to ‘spot’ one so near to us.

IMG_0148 small

IMG_0163 smallIMG_0164 small


2 thoughts on “What’s next? Walruses?

  1. Pam

    Does this mean cheetah territory is expanding, they’re being pushed out of their preferred habitat, or something else?
    Love this blog. Keep it up


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