For the past several months we have been planning and preparing to trap leopards in June and July. Now it’s almost time! Everyone involved with the project is very busy and excited. Once the animals are caught they will be affixed with GPS collars which will help us to track their movements, learn about their home ranges, discover how they interact with the baboon troops and more.

The collars finally arrived at Lajuma yesterday! Sam and I will be testing them out this week.

We also have begun pre-baiting the sites where we will put the traps. We are hoping that the leopards will become familiar with the areas prepared and will begin to associate them with free meat.

Our first attempt at pre-baiting attracted honey badgers, civets and genets to the offal on the very first night. We will be hanging the meat higher in future so the smaller carnivores cannot take the meat before the leopards have a chance. However here are some pre-baiting photos for you to enjoy. Watch this space to find out how the trapping goes!



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