Last but not least

Last in this series of introductions of new researchers working on primates and predators at Lajuma is Laura, who completes Pete’s elite team of baboonologists. 


Blog photoLaura has recently finished her Masters at the University of Plymouth in Zoo Conservation Biology. She has come out to Lajuma for four months as a research assistant to Pete Tomlin’s PhD work on the social development of Chacma baboons.

Laura has previously carried out volunteer work in a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Thailand and a wildlife centre in Auckland. As part of her masters she spent three months in Indonesia last summer carrying out research on the longevity and breeding success of Javan gibbons in Indonesian institutions.

Travelling is another passion of Laura’s, after completing her BSc zoology degree in 2007 she travelled for two years. She loves seeing new places and different cultures and meeting people from around the world. She loves Africa and has previously been to Kenya and Tanzania; she is very excited to be back again.

Laura wants to further her career in animal conservation, particularly in animal welfare and human-wildlife conflict with the hopes of conducting a PhD in this area in the future.


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