Introducing Caroline

Introducing Caroline, who has recently joined us from Durham University to undertake fieldwork for her Masters on baboons.

clip_image002Caroline graduated from the University of Leeds in July 2011 with a BSc in Zoology and started her MSc by Research in Evolutionary Anthropology at Durham University in October. She loves primates and previously spent six weeks volunteering at an animal sanctuary named C.A.R.E where she cared for orphaned chacma baboons in preparation for their rehabilitation and future release.

Caroline is particularly interested in prenatal hormones and their effects on the development and behaviour of non-human primates. For her undergraduate research project she investigated the effects of prenatal androgens, inferred through digit ratios, on the social hierarchy in orphaned female chacma baboons and in captive female Hamadryas baboons. At Lajuma she will spend four and half months studying wild chacma baboons for her Masters thesis.


Caroline is from Newcastle upon Tyne, on the north east coast of England. She hopes to do a PhD in the near future and pursue a career in research with non-human primates.


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