A rather successful day

Two weeks after setting up cameras to compete our gird, Sam and Louise hiked over to see what had been caught on camera. The owners of this farm have some game not found on other farms in the area and we were hoping to get new species to add to the list.

We were delighted to find examples of some new species! A group of sable, one of the most expensive and beautiful antelope; a picture of some legs which we have deducted can only belong to a giraffe; several pictures of zebra and a rather nosey bushbuck!


We were also interested to see if we got any new individual predators and we were not disappointed! We got several photos of an unknown female leopard, twice she was carrying a dassie that she had caught and once she even stopped to play with our camera! We also found out just how far out east one of our big males, Michel’s home range stretched. He was photographed at two new camera stations. This is all very impressive as he was only first photographed in July last year! We also got a rather nice photo of a brown hyaena which is rare as they normally dash past at such a speed the photo is a blur.




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