At Lajuma Research Centre primates have been observed consuming over 160 different species of trees and bushes.

P1080795 P1080879

The Primate and Predator Project is undertaking long-term phenological research to record the seasonal changes occurring within 25 of the most common tree species eaten by primates. Samples of each species were selected across different altitudes and habitat types. These trees are monitored on a monthly basis to record changes in fruit, flower, seed and leaf availability. This information will be combined with on-going behavioural and distribution research on primates.

We are currently gathering data for February. Here are a few photos of researchers in action.

P1080937 P1080952

Above left: Eryn tagging a branch. Above right: Camilla entering data.


Above left: a tagged branch. Above right: Katy counting leaves.

P1080950 P1080934

Above left: Eryn calculating proportions. Above right: One of our new tree labels.


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