New year, New Assistants

In January two new research assistants joined the Primate and Predator Project team. Louise and Becky will be working on the predator research at Lajuma for three months each.

Louise has just completed her Masters at Exeter University in Conservation and Biodiversity and is interested in carnivore conservation and human-wildlife conflict. image

This is Louise’s third time to Africa and second time to the Limpopo Province. She previously spent three months working on a game reserve and in a rehabilitation centre before she went to University in 2004. She was also lucky enough to go to Kenya on a field course last year visiting Lakes Navasha and Nakuru, spending a few days in the Masaai Mara and climbing some of Mount Kenya.

Previously, Louise has also done conservation work in Honduras catching humming birds in mist nets and mammal trapping. Closer to home she has volunteered in London Zoo’s pathology department and helped with projects ringing blue tits, trapping squirrels and those run by her local bat group.

Louise is looking forward to being back in Africa and hope to gain more experience to help her pursue a career in research.

imageBecks graduated in July 2011 with a Zoology degree and has just started a PhD at the University of Southampton that is investigating spider diversity in Oak woodland in southern England.

For her undergraduate project, Becks investigated jaguar-puma interactions in a wildlife corridor in Belize, Central America, using camera trap data. Before starting her PhD she did a project on Grass Snake behavioural ecology. She has never before been to Africa and is excited to learn more about predator research and conservation, and to see the wildlife.


4 thoughts on “New year, New Assistants

  1. Alison Spake

    A very intersting project. I hope you will both enjoy it, learn alot and avoid dangerous situations together.

  2. Anna

    Hmm, carnivore conservation and human-wildlife conflict? I can relate to that ^^ Looking forward to meeting you all next month! xx


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