Update for September Earthwatch Team

To our Earthwatch volunteers from September,

I hope you all enjoyed your time at Lajuma. Sam and I really appreciated all your hard work. We wanted to share with you a few quick updates.

1) The mystery of the missing cameras has been solved! Thankfully we recovered the two cameras on a nearby farm. The SD cards were taken from both cameras and the plastic behind the infrared array was cracked on one camera. However we will be able to re-establish this station next week and hopefully gather data from this location soon.

2) Pete has requested that we send you a big thank you for all your trail clearing efforts. He has used the trail many times since while following baboons. Here’s a picture of a happy Pete with the baboons:


P1070864 (480x640) 

3) Judy has taken a copy of the Eco-schools photos you left and is currently aiming to put together some articles for local papers about the wonderful experience you gave the children and the generous gifts you brought.

All in all a big thank you from everyone at Lajuma!


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