Bonjour Marine

We would like to welcome our new field assistant, Marine, to the Primate and Predator Project. She arrived at the end of September just in time to help with the Earthwatch team and will be staying until mid-December.

Platberg Karoo raptor Project, SA (640x517)Marine is French and has a passion for Africa, conservation and traveling. She has travelled to more than 30 countries and enjoys discovering wild species, different cultures, stunning landscapes and meeting people from around the world.

She has a MSc in ecology and specialised in conservation. Her MSc thesis was on the ecophysiology of plains zebras in Zimbabwe and Przewalski horses of Uzbekistan.

She has worked on different projects around the world but is most interested in predators and human-wildlife conflicts. She has worked with Kodiak bears in Alaska, brown bears in Alberta, genets and bighorn sheep in France, zebras and megaherbivores in Zimbabwe, wild dogs and leopards in South Africa… She also has experience with birds and am interested in raptors’ conservation.

While in Africa she is a keen birdwatcher and wildlife photographer.

Marine is hoping to start a PhD on predator ecology or human-predator conflicts in southern Africa. Her many interests led her to the Primate and Predator Project in Lajuma and we hope she enjoys her experiences here. We have already kept her busy climbing mountains to check on camera traps, sorting predator scat and preparing camera trap photos for analysis. 


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